This is an excellent page form a magazine. It's quite useful because it has flashcards, movies, videos, songs and many other useful material ready to be downloaded. i hope it 'll useful for you!

I would like to share with you a very useful webpage where you can find all kind of material for your lessons, books, audio, sotware and so on.
The link is:

A great page to download worksheets is My English Printable Worsheets. You can find PorwerPoint presentations and flashcards too.
The link is:

An excellent web page to download flashcards, worksheets, PowerPoint presentations and games is:
I add this one too:

Here you have a page for songs. Some of them I uploaded in the page "Songs" in this wiki.

I have found this great wiki. Explore it and see how you can create a wonderful wiki for your english lessons.

In this blog you'll find some ideas of how to teach grammar with movies segments. Enjoy it!

Teaching English through songs: