Here you will find some helpful tips for your day-by-day work :)

  • Play games which reinforce the class as a group. E.g : mime the Flashcard
  • Where possible, allow the class to take decisions about their work.
  • Encourage children to look for solutions to problems.
  • Hand over your role of teacher to the class: once children understand how the game works, a child can take over your teacher's role in many flashcard and other games.
  • Have fun with them as a group. Sing a song or play a game along with them,for example, If you are enjoying yourself and show it, your class will enjoy the lesson too.
  • Try to memorize your students name, they feel more comfortable of they are adressed by their names instead of their lastnames.
  • Use a couple of minutes at the beginning of the lesson to revise what you have seen last class, this will be more fun if you do it trough a game and use the very last minutes of your class to talk about what you have seen on the lesson.
  • Establish familiar systems of work. This is simple through signals, key words, songs, etc.
  • Encourage positive interpersonal attitudes: children develop better work habbits if they feel comfortable with the teacher and their classmates. Helpful methods are working in small groups and pairs as well as whole-class activities. Changing groups of work (it is better that a child works in a class with some classmates and the next with others), looking and learning from a classmate (stand out the good habits, ways of working, manners, etc from different students as models to llok up to) among others.